Rudi Musikk

RUDI - MUSIKK (previously K.Ø Rudi and son / Rudi AS) was established in 1901, and is still owned and run by the Rudi family, like it has been for the past three generations.

The company produces "Fanitullen" (Hardanger-violin strings) and "Rudi Langeleik Strings" (strings for the norwegian instrument "langeleik"). Our products are sold at popular music stores in Norway, but can also be purchased in USA through associations like the "Hardanger Fiddle Association".

In 2001, Rudi AS started cooperating with another organisation which is also over 100 years old; the Museum of Valdres. Members from the earlier generations of the Rudi family, Knut Ø. Rudi and his son Øystein K. Rudi (which achieved a masters degree in violin making) were both skilled violin makers. K. Ø. Rudi also excelled at playing the "hardanger" violin and won many prizes.

The current generation does not have this expertise and knowledge, hence the cooperation with the best local society: the instrument workshop at the Museum of Valdres.

Knut Ø. Rudi wounding strings using the machinery that he created himself. This hardware was created 100 years ago, but is still in use today.

Knut Ø. Rudi (1878 - 1972) with his favourite violin. This instrument is currently on loan to the Museum of Valdres where it is currently on display.
The violin that Øystein K. Rudi built during his Master Degree is also on display at the museum.
The Museum owns a langeleik that was built by Knut Ø. Rudi's father, Øystein Ø. Rudi (1839-1923) . He made more than 200 langeleik instruments, some of which can be found in various norwegian museums.

Øystein K. Rudi (1907 - 1982) holding the original "Trondefele" in his right hand, and the copy that he created in his left. The copy was created as requested by the Museum of Musical History. The fine instrument consists of 650 individual parts.

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